Homeopathic Treatment for Autism

Dr Didier Grandgeorge, homeopath pediatrician , FREJUS FRANCE, September 2015

Neurophysiological research show that the brain of autistic children present high level of chlorine. Treated by diuretic extracting chlorine the children where improved but the drugs had some side effects


So we try for 24 month to treat autistic children with homeopathic dilutions of chlorine (remedy Chlorum 9CH, 5 grains one day each week the first month, 5 grains of Chlorum 12CH one day each week the second month, 5 grains of Chlorum 15CH one day of each week the third month , 5 grains of Chlorum 30CH one day of each week the fourth month


The first result seems to be very promising with a better contact and good progress in communication.  On twenty cases, seven child don’t present anymore trouble from autistic spectrum disorder in just one year treatment.



Defined by a social communication disorder with restricted interests and stereotyped behaviors, autism is a condition increasingly common in today's society. Some studies giving a rate of 1 in 150 children.

The forms of autism are varied and we are increasingly talking of autism spectrum disorders.

The most severe forms confine the child in an almost total isolation, as if « he lives in a bubble, without access to language ».
The other less severe forms, known under the term of ASPERGER syndrome, concern intelligent children, brilliant in some areas, endowed with speech, but suffering from communication disorders generating inappropriate conduct, stress, hypersensitivity, inhibition due to multiple fears creating for them handicaps in everyday life.

Various hypotheses have been advanced to explain the occurrence of autism.
For a long time, psychoanalytic assumptions have predominated, leading to the unfortunate a parental guilt and lack of objective or quantifiable results. Some have incriminated the over-vaccination with the toxic fillers such as mercury, aluminum, especially for the pertussis vaccine and the combined vaccine measles, mumps and rubella (MMR). Of course, a genetic background has been invoked.

During years, as a homeopath pediatrician, I tried to improve the life of my autism patients with remedies targeting fundamental fears (Opium, Stramonium, Hydrophobinum), and other supposed toxic elements (dilution of vaccine for example MMR in 30CH, dilutions of drugs used by the parents. A 4 years old child started to speak after a dose of Cannabis Indica 10 000K…).

 However, there is a « before » and « after » Chlorum as remedy. In spring 2013, I had the idea of trying Chlorum after reading articles mentioning the role of this halogen at a cerebral level.

Treatment of autism using the Chlorum remedy

Recently, researchers in neurophysology discovered, on models of autism mouse, that the level of chlorine in their brain were keeping high levels. Usually, these levels can be observed only during intrauterine life. Typically, at birth, brain cells lose their high rate of chlorine in the diuretic oxytocic effect.

So, during intrauterine life, in a closed environment where communication is symbiotic with the mom and reduced with the outside world, our brain works with high level of chlorine. When the child is born, the level of chlorine is dropping, and the child starts communicating with the outside world, mainly due to GABA (Gamma Amino Butyric Acid) neuromediator.


In fact, chlorine activates GABA which increases the sensitivity of the child. If the chlorine level increases, the child becomes hypersensitive to being overwhelmed by all the impressions and sensations of life.

Hence the idea of treating autistic children with a diuretic that flush chlorine from nerve cells (Bumetanide®). Neurobiologist Yehezkel BEN ARI (INSERM Marseille) and child psychiatrist Eric LEMONIER (CHU Brest) have improved the condition of autistic children by giving them that diuretic.

Studies are undergoing to define the exact dosage of this medicine, as there are side effects (potassium leak, cramps, heart rhythm disorders). The effects of this therapy, according to the authors, are real but regress as soon as the treatment is stopped.

All these elements lead me to offer the homeopathic remedy Chlorum to kids presenting autistic troubles. The remedy was given in increasing dilutions from 9CH to 30CH, with the idea that this homeopathic remedy could get rid of the chlorine in excess in the brain cells and bring back a regular level of this halogen. We could expect a stable condition without iatrogenic effects.  

Some examples of cases extremely improved by homeopathic doses of Chlorum

All first name have been changed.


Case 1 - Male child Jean, born on November 4th 2010, patient of the CRA (Centre Ressource Autisme) de BASTIA

It’s during a family reunion that his grandfather mentioned Flavio. He is treated for "autism spectrum disorders" (diagnosis made by the CRA).

I advise a dose of Carbo Vegetabilis 30CH, and 48hours after Chlorum 12CH a dose. Then 10 days after a dose of MMR 30CH followed 10 days after by a dose Chlorum 15CH, and 20 days after a dose Chlorum 30CH.

I saw the child on March 5th, 2015: “3 days after the dose Chlorum 12CH, the effect is incredible. It is not the same child, and the team of psychologists want to know what was happening” his mother said. He started to use “I”. He still kept his fears mainly from sudden noise, noise from the vacuum cleaner, fear of the hair dresser and use his baby bottle in the morning.

Based on the history of cancer on the paternal side, I gave him a drop of Carcinosinum XMK, and I advised to throw away, with his father, the baby bottle in the dustbin and to receive a gift in exchange, not a baby gift, but a gift of an aged child.
I prescribed a dose of Opium 15CH 10 days after to address the fears, and we continue with 3 globulis of Chlorum 9CH every Thursday till the tube is empty, and then we continue with the 12CH the same way.

Seen on August 24th, 2015. The team who is treating him, think that he is out of the “austism spectrum disorders”, and that he does not have anymore the need of an AVS (Assistante de Vie Scolaire, a dedicated person that helps him at school). He is progressing rapidly, sleep and language, less fears of noises. According the mother “each time that he is taking Chlorum, he is making new progress. Even folks not supporting homeopathy concurs”.


Case 2 – Male Child Michel, born on May 9, 2006.

I saw this child in my practice on July 31th 2014. He is 8 years old and presented an Asperger syndrome. He is at school with the help of an AVS (Assistante de Vie Scolaire, a dedicated person that helps him at school). A homeopath college has treated the child with very limited results using Natrum Muriaticum, Silicea, VAB, Spongia.  What dominates the clinical picture is his agitation he flutters, do not fix his attention, is not present in the activities.

While scheduling the appointment, I advised to give him 3 globulis a week of Chlorum 9CH. When I saw the child, he appears more relaxed, calmer. I gave him 3 globulis of Chlorum 15CH every Thursday, plus a dose of MMR 30CH. That dose made him worse for a few days: he gets back, starts to align objects....

See again on July 31th, 2015. This is no longer the same child! He enters my office, shakes my hand, looking into my eyes and asked me why I do a collection Tintin characters!!!


Case 3 – Male Child Olivier, born on Spetember 3rd, 2003.

I saw him on October 29th, 2014. He is 11 years old. Diagnose with autism, he was the subject of an experimental treatment with diuretics that significantly improved on the speech level (he started to speak). But at the end of treatment he regresses. Born by Caesarean section, he attended babies’ bathers during the first months in a chlorinated pool. I prescribed then Chlorum doses from 9CH, 12CH, 15CH and 30CH at 2 weeks interval, plus one dose Opium 15CH, and a dose Carbo Vegetalis 30CH due to the Caesarean section

Seen again on January 9th, 2015. He expressed himself better, built phrases, relate his day. He is now in school in a CLIS (Classes pour l'Inclusion Scolaire, specialized school). I prescribed Chlorum 15CH 3 globulis every Thursday.

Seen again on July 12th, 2015. He is very much improved to the point that it will enter high school in sixth grade. Parents find that with Chlorum, their child grew softer and more sustainably than with the diuretics. They think not to take diuretics anymore, if it is offered to them.


Case 4 – Male Child Pierre, born on March 21, 2005

Seen on January 17th, 2014, at 9 years old. He is presenting an Asperger syndrome; he is at school with the support of an AVS.
History of difficult birth with forceps. I gave him Chlorum 9CH, plus the dilutions of the vaccines that he has been injected with, then a dose of Opium 15CH, and a dose of Hypericum 15CH.

Seen again on June 27th, 2014. He is better, and got honor role at school, he is able to sustain his attention.

Seen again on July 3rd, 2015. He does not seem to present anymore the autistic spectrum troubles. He is entering the next level at school, without the aid of an AVS.


Case 5 – Male Child Justin, born on August 25th, 2009

Seen on October 8th, 2013, aged 4, treated by a child psychiatrist and a homeopath colleague that gave him doses of Phosphorus, Tarentula Hispana, and the dilutions of the vaccines that he received.
It does not associate words, does not make sentences and suffers from chronic diarrhea. I gave him Chlorum 9CH, 3 globulis every week, plus one dose of Hyosciamus 15CH (he is jealous and exhibitionist).

Seen again on October 6th, 2014. He has made progress, speaks gibberish in his personal way. I gave him Chlorum 12CH, 3 globulis per week, and then he started to speak correctly. He draw a fellow. He is at school, high section of kinder garden with the help of an AVS.

Seen on April 14th, 2015. His child psychiatrist does not recognize him. He seems “normal”.


Case 6 – Male child Paul, born December 14th, 2008

Seen on May 31st 2013, 4 and ½ years old for hyperactivity and autism spectrum disorders. I gave him Chlorum 9CH, 3 globulis per week plus a dose of Thuya 15CH and the dilution of the vaccines that he received.

Seen on December 12th, 2013. He made such progress that he seems normal. He is not the same child: he is able to address new situations without much stress and manages communication with the surroundings.


Case 7 – Male Child Francois, Born on September 23rd, 2004.

Child monitored since October 21st, 2004. He presents a significant delay in learning language and presents suggestive behavior disorders of autism spectrum disorders. He is obsessed by dinosaurs.

In 2013, I started to gave him the Chlorum remedy in increasing dilutions. That will unlock his speech problem. In addition, he is suffering of asthma crisis that will be over with the remedy Mercurius Chloro Iodatus 9CH.

In 2015, he is a child who speaks well and gets even argue with the entourage.



Chlorum remedy in Materia Medica

Chlorine is a chemical element of the halogen family, symbol Cl, atomic number 17, color yellow/greenish. Discovered  during the 18th century, Chlorine is used a lot for its antiseptic properties, since the invention of ‘eau de javel’ (bleach). Many swimming pool are using chlorine, and most of the water distributed by the urban water networks is. Chlorine was used also during first war world as combat gas (Ethyl-sulfur-dichloratum).

Chlorum, the chlorine element in dilution-dynamisation homeopathic has been introduced in the material mediaca by Constantin Hering in 1846.
Constantin Hering notes:

  • Quiet and active mind (beneficial)
  • Apprehension
  • A terrible mental state, fear of becoming crazy, fear of not be able to  earn his living
  • Everything seems confused
  • Cannot remember the names of people he encounters, and when it recognizes the names he does not remember people
  • Agitation, anger, must focus its attention on breathing
  • nervous hypersensitivity


The other symptoms reflect the irritating action of Chlorine in the respiratory system (spasm of the glottis ... asthma and urticaria, pustules and boils).

The interesting symptoms are

  • The fear of going crazy. We should notice that the main neuroleptic, Largactil® is Chlorpromazine, so with chlorine molecules.
  • Cannot remember the name of people. The name (in French “nom”) relate to the ‘non” of the father (in English no. Note: both words in French have the same pronunciation). The father should say no to the child to facilitate the separation from the mother and to help the child to go to the others (No you're not gonna stay in fusion with Mom, you will reach out to others) as I explain in the book «Homéopathie chemin de vie ».


Chlorum in the J.T.Kent Repertoty.

It includes, in addition, the following symptoms: noisy madness, the child escapes is evading the vigilance of the entourage, hides, night anxiety, nostalgia, hydrophobia, agitation, rage, wild behavior


How can act the homeopathic remedy Chlorum

The autistic child remains in a protective bubble. He remains in a confined space to protect against external signals that are too aggressive for him because of high rate of Chlorine in its brain cells.


By giving homeopathic doses of Chlorum, we will probably act as presynaptic according the ARNDT SCHULTZ law and reverse the action of the element chlorine on GABA, making the brain less sensitive to external stimuli. The child is going to get out of his protective bubble and begin relationships with others. He will name the others without the risk of being overwhelmed


Other homeopathic remedies for Autistic Children


Remedies from Chlorine derivatives

The best known remedy is Natrum Muriaticum. It is the remedy of choice when the father is absent or does not speak. The child has a language delay, it is often thin, warmed, constipated and eager salt. He cannot stand the sun.

Muriaticum Acidum, hydrochloric acid, is an interesting remedy when there is a death of the mother in the family history. The child suffers from acid reflux, asthma, laryngitis.
Kalium Muriaticum can be indicated when there is an otitis background (otite ser-muqueuse).
Chloralum Interestingly in cases where night terrors dominate the picture: I have an observation autism greatly improved by this remedy.


Homeopathic Dilutions of the vaccines received by the child.

I give them systematically as some vaccines contain aluminum, other squalenes, substances which may cause brain disturbance. Dr. Senn Lausanne demonstrated the importance of removing dams to provide energy healing. Furthermore, by injecting the vaccine, we inject extra of signifiers disease: for example, be the darling of the family (coqueluche = whooping cough) is to be the world center of the family and this reinforces the EGO, measles is a psychodrama to exit the symbiotic mother-child relationship, hepatitis is the liver problem, of faith, of confidence (Liver, Faith are pronounced the same in French)
I give the dilution of vaccine in 30CH, in between doses of the background remedy.


Other remarkable remedies.

Opium 15CH or 30CH. This remedy has been described in autism by William SUERINK psychiatrist homeopath. This is the central cure for fear, fear amazes vital functions. Constipation, sleepiness, umbilical hernia are the call point, especially when there were opiates (after anesthesia), disturbed by a pregnancy preterm labor at six months.
Stramonium 15CH or 30CH : child plagued by night terrors. He is afraid of the dark, animals, doctors and bites other children.
Hydrophobinum (or Lyssinum) 15 to 30CH even XMK
Child intrusive, excessive salivation biter, fear of water and brilliant substances. History of animal bites in the family. This remedy helped me to tip the BORDER LINE children to the world of normality.

Cannabis Indica XMK
Interesting remedy in the families of cannabis smokers: I saw a child of four years old who had never said a word, to say complete sentences a few hours after taking a dose of Cannabis Indica 10000K (the mother had smoked cannabis during her pregnancy). This remedy has a characteristic symptom: fear of drowning, which is the return in the amniotic waters
Carcinosinum C200 Foubister (www.remedia.at)
It is worth to give this biotherapic if there are many cancer family history. Inability to merge dice and say no, chronic insomnia, child pegged its pacifiers, baby bottles and his comforters.
Plumbum Metallicum 15CH
We choose this remedy to children who do not support any constraint.
The first sign is the refusal to attach while driving. Thereafter the child refuses the school constraints and attempts to escape.


Any other remedy chosen after questioning and clinical examination and then repertorisation, considered as individualized

background cure will be an effective aid in improving autistic children of course.


As conclusion

Homeopathy meets its promises regarding the difficult treatment of children with autism spectrum disorders. In my clinical practice, there is a before and after Chlorum remedy, which appears to be a crucial key to autistic children out of their bubble and bring them back in the world of normality.


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