Autism and the homeopathic remedy CHLORUM

Dr Didier Grandgeorge, homeopath pediatrician , FREJUS FRANCE, September 2015

Neurophysiological research in Canada show that the brain of autistic children present high level of chlorine. Treated by diuretic extracting chlorine the children where improved but the drugs had some side effects


So we try for 24 month to treat autistic children with homeopathic dilutions of chlorine (Chlorum) to limit the level of chlorine, get similar improvments without the side effects.


The proposed protocol is unfortunatly not anymore available on this web site due to a request from the CNOM


Chlorum remedy in Materia Medica

Chlorine is a chemical element of the halogen family, symbol Cl, atomic number 17, color yellow/greenish. Discovered  during the 18th century, Chlorine is used a lot for its antiseptic properties, since the invention of ‘eau de javel’ (bleach). Many swimming pool are using chlorine, and most of the water distributed by the urban water networks is. Chlorine was used also during first war world as combat gas (Ethyl-sulfur-dichloratum).

Chlorum, the chlorine element in dilution-dynamisation homeopathic has been introduced in the material mediaca by Constantin Hering in 1846.
Constantin Hering notes:

  • Quiet and active mind (beneficial)
  • Apprehension
  • A terrible mental state, fear of becoming crazy, fear of not be able to  earn his living
  • Everything seems confused
  • Cannot remember the names of people he encounters, and when it recognizes the names he does not remember people
  • Agitation, anger, must focus its attention on breathing
  • nervous hypersensitivity


The other symptoms reflect the irritating action of Chlorine in the respiratory system (spasm of the glottis ... asthma and urticaria, pustules and boils).

The interesting symptoms are

  • The fear of going crazy. We should notice that the main neuroleptic, Largactil® is Chlorpromazine, so with chlorine molecules.
  • Cannot remember the name of people. The name (in French “nom”) relate to the ‘non” of the father (in English no. Note: both words in French have the same pronunciation). The father should say no to the child to facilitate the separation from the mother and to help the child to go to the others (No you're not gonna stay in fusion with Mom, you will reach out to others) as I explain in the book «Homéopathie chemin de vie ».


Chlorum in the J.T.Kent Repertoty.

It includes, in addition, the following symptoms: noisy madness, the child escapes is evading the vigilance of the entourage, hides, night anxiety, nostalgia, hydrophobia, agitation, rage, wild behavior