L´école Hahnemannienne d'homœopathie de Fréjus-St. Raphaël is a a postgraduate education available to health professionals: doctors, pharmacists, veterinarians, midwives, dentists and psychologists, whose originality is to be primarily oriented towords unicism.


It proposes a series of Works/Studies/Research for those who are attracted by this technique. The basic work is obviously the KENT' Repertory, to which references are constantly found.


For the last 33 years, the school, meets every 15 days at the Frejus hospital. It is therefore a place for study and reflection open to everything about homeopathy.


The work is published in volumes "Homeopathy exactly" available at Editions Narayana


Most of the recent work is available on-line, some of the work is translated into English, Spanish and German, and can be found in the different languages pages.



Autism and the remedy Chlorum

Dr Didier Grandgeorge, homeopath pediatrician , FREJUS FRANCE


December 2019.

Neurophysiological research show that the brain of autistic children present high level of chlorine. Treated by diuretic extracting chlorine the children where improved but the drugs had some side effects


So we try for 24 month to treat autistic children with homeopathic dilutions of chlorine (remedy Chlorum) to limit the level of chlorine, get similar improvments without the side effects.

An article has been published (in french) in La Revue d'Homéopathie 2016;7:17-20 ©Elsevier Masson SAS


The proposed protocol is unfortunatly not anymore available on this web site due to a request from the CNOM




Homeopathic treatment of pathologies


Ebola & Homeopathic treatment

Anne-Marie Triquenot, MD: A study of remedies for the Ebola Virus.

Homeopathic treatment of anginas

The homeopathic treatment of angina is very often extremely effective with a few remedies that we will present in this document.

Homeopathic treatment of sinusitis

Sinusitis are quite common in winter. The article describes in details the homeopathic teatment of sinusitis.

Homeopathic treatment of acute gastroenteritis

The article presents the complete tratment for acute gastroenteritis, including the recommanded diet, the essential remedies, some additional remedies, and the convalescence after a gastroenteritis

Prevention and treatment of the flu (influenza)

This document describes in details, the prevention of the flu, and the treatment needed in cas of flu.


Treatment of the accute laryngitis

This document describes in details, the treatment of accute laryngitis as well as the treatment for recuring laryngitis.


Treatment of regurgitation

This document describes in details, the treatment of regurgitation mainly for the infants.


Articles on homeopathic remedies


Love and Jealousy in relation to Lachesis Mutus

On Lachesis, J.T. Kent says in his Materia Medica: « Lachesis seems suitable to the whole of humanity, as our species is easily identified with the snake, both in inclination and character, and this venom only reveals what man really is. »

Conium maculatum; a case of severe chronic photophobia in a six year old child.

This article is a case study of Conium Maculatum for a child suffering of severe chronic photophobia.



Polykystic Kidneys

Two clinical stories of polykystic kidneys cured by homeopathic treatment with the remedy CROTON TIGLIUM are reported by the autor Didier GRANDGEORGE M.D. A pathogenetical approach is proposed with the difficulties of these patient to express anger who his enkysted and from which he result high blood pressure and shooting out stools.